Jan. 15th, 2009

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by doing so herself, my friend lu has just has just reminded me that it's time i did a bit of a friends cut. i have a very busy life, and i don't always have time to keep up with a giant flist (these things are relative, but 107 is a lot for me). i want the people on my flist to be people i can interact with in a genuine and meaningful way - and that goes both ways, i.e. i want you to be able to get as much love and support from me as i get from you. to me, this pretty much means that we read each others entries and comment more often than not. so, with the word 'friend' somehow incorporated into your subject line, leave a comment to this post if you would like to stay, and know that if you opt out there will be no hard feelings on my part. unless you're sajee, jonathan, dan, esther, shiv, amanda, erin, liz, jen or nett, in which case i'll be on your doorstep in tears, begging to know why you don't love me any more. and that would be particularly awkward in sajee's case as her doorstep is also my doorstep, and it would be peculiar for me to be crying on it... ok, done now.


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