Sep. 21st, 2009

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we went to roller derby!
they played 90s pop songs all night and i drank UDLs (it was either that or bourbon or beer, both of which make me sick), so i felt like i was 15 again, and it was both awesome and weird.

then sajee, tash and i went to the royal mebourne show!

we saw all the calkes and quilts and crafts etc. sajee and i have decided that we are totally entering things next year!

i ate a stick of fairy floss as big as my own head

and i snuggled a baby sheepling! the farmer said they are called "lambs", but i think baby sheepling is better :p

i love that there are still kewpie dolls at the show!

i always used to want to get these when i was little. i didn't buy one this time. i mean they are cool when you're at the show, but then you get them home, and there's a creepy doll in your house staring at you.

and then sajee played the game where you put the ball in the clown's mouth, and she won me a stuffed cow :)

i was a doofus and didn't bring my own camera, so all these photos are shamelessly stolen from sajee's flickr photostram


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