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today was a quiet day. we went to the pump rooms for tea (just like austen heroines).

the pump room chandelier. i was too busy drinking tea and eating gluten free lemon drizzle cake to take any more photos!

then we went to "1 royal crescent", a house that has been decorated in the georgian style. it was very beautifully furnished, and full of interesting artifacts, but photography wasn't permitted (v. annoying as i would have liked to take lots of pics). you'll have to content yourself with the website's virtual tour if you want to see it.

from there it was a short walk to the bath botanic gardens. you all know how much i hate botanic gardens...

+7 under here )

then we came back to the b&b for a nap and it's suddenly quarter past eight. we couldn't find anywhere to go for dinner so i am eating some kind of nut-and-seed bar. slowly.
tomorrow we're off to paris, and i don't know whether we'll be able to get internet access there. if i can update, i will, but if you don't hear from me for a few days don't go calling the embassies or anything.

*big love*
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hello from the beautiful city of bath!

a quick catch up on the last couple of days - mostly in photo form (again) :)

we had a lovely last morning in stratford-upon-avon. we visited the beautiful churchyard of the holy trinity church more graves, and some weeping willows )

then it was time for a last stroll through the rsc gardens...

a farewell kiss for mr tennant...

and we drove to bath - we took a stroll around in the evening light and it was really beautiful

today we have been wandering happily around bath - home of jane austen, pretty architecture, and other cool stuff )

i really love this city. it's so old and so majestic, and it's easy to imagine yourself right into a jane austen novel here. am very tired now, though, so i won't ramble any more. big kisses to you all xoxoxoxox


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