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humans and cats,
my name is niamh. essie is my human, and i am using her computer and her blog to tell you about a great peril that faces the world today. that peril is the bubble.

exhibit a: bubble

bubbles are a threat to the cleanliness of whiskers everywhere. they are sticky, and they taste gross. what's more they are very tricky to watch because they tend to travel in cloudlike groups. every cat knows that things that move must be watched very carefully, and things that are hard to watch are very suspicious (see also: laserlight, mouse, moth, lizard, things on strings).

there is only one solution to the bubble epidemic: they must be destroyed. i have found that the best method of bubble destruction is the good old fashioned 'bat' or 'swat' motion that your cat (or a friends cat if you have not yet been adopted by one yourself) will have demonstrated on many an occasion. the method is also effective for 'making string move', 'moth control', and 'human baiting'. allow me to demonstrate:

sometimes bubbles will get clever, and hover just out of reach. they will mock you by floating tantalizingly close, but remaining out of batting distance. this is evidence of their evil and sadistic natures:

you can lure them back in your direction by lulling them into a false sense of security, like so:

remember - a bubble is not a friend, nor is it a toy. it is a mortal enemy. stay vigilant, bat well, and send me pilchards as thanks for my gracious and informative warning,



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