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hello again! london continues to be very pleasant, and we are very comfortable and well looked after at chez katz. it's so lovely of dan's folks to put us up like this in their beautiful home!

i left off at the end of our second day in paris.

the next day began with a walk through the marais (the suburb of paris where we were staying), and a look at some stalls at a local market

when have i ever passed up an opportunity to take photos of flowers?

a mysterious mushroom tree (there was no angle to take this photo from that didn't have a busy background - but if you look hard enough you get the idea :p)

fromage! nomnomnom!

our walk took us to a garden with a name that were completely unable to pronounce. we sat there for a while and ate grapes and drank orangina. very pleasant on such a bright sunny day.

then we took the metro up to montmatre to see sacre coeur. here is sajee, with the view from sacre coeur spread out behind her:

the cathedral is a beautiful sight - especially when set against a bright blue sky

inside sacre coeur

i'm not sure how i personally feel about the catholic god, but i do respond to the idea of the virgin mary. whoever she was i'm certain she was an extraordinary woman. i lit a candle and placed it at her feet with a prayer for mothers and children, and for courage, compassion, and love.

we had lunch in montmatre in a little cafe where a man played cello to the diners. my salad had five kinds of cheese in it. win!

in the afternoon we went for a drive around the city and saw some of the big sights again. it was such a lovely day, and this was the perfect way to finish it.

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bonjour! we are now back in london after a wonderful few days in paris. last night we were honoured with an invitation to spend rosh hashanah with the katz family, which involved much good food, wine and merriment, so i've left updating til this morning. i'm going to have to report on the paris leg of our journey in several parts, but i'm hoping to do that over the course of the day.

so! we had an uneventful flight and took the most expensive taxi ride of our lives to our little apartment in rue du temple in the marais. it was the cutest, frenchiest apartment you can imagine. to get to it you had to climb up four flights of old wooden stairs that got narrower and more rickety as you went. there was one more staircase once actually inside, and you could actually see roof tiles between the steps - we were staying on the roof! it had a curved ceiling with exposed beams so it felt like sleeping in an upturned boat. on the roof. it was so cool!

a short trip to the monoprix down the street saw us set up with the parisian necessities:

then we had an earlyish night.

the next day we started with a visit to the glorious and imposing notre dame. on the way we passed this very interesting fountain:

all the little contraptions in it whizzed and turned and moved with the water flowing through them. it was very cool.

i'm thinking of making a book entitled 'stained glass windows i have loved' - i'm pretty sure i already have enough material just from this one trip

the pope candles puzzled us until we found out a few days later that he'd recently visited the city

i was very impressed with the general beauty and splendor of the whole cathedral, and then we rounded a corner, i saw this, and it absolutely took my breath away. there was something about the richness of the purple glass, and the sheer size and delicate beauty of the whole thing that just stopped me, gaping, in my tracks.

after notre dame we went for a walk down the seine to the louvre.

i have been very nervous about this ever since we decided to come to paris - so much wonderful art, so impossible to take it all in! we decided to have lunch intheir restaurant (very delicious, btw!), look over a plan of the gallery, and just choose a section. we ended up taking in most of the richelieu wing, including the 15th-17th century dutch and german paintings, as well as some renaissance & medieval tapestries and objets d'art.

after all that excitement, and serious sensory overload, we had to have a nice long sit in les jardins des tuileries with some macaroons. oh yeah, they're gluten free! *happy dance*

stay tuned for the next installment! ♥
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hiiiii! we're in LONDON! hahahaahahah!!!

we're staying with [ profile] daniel_bethany's family, and it is really lovely. we had intended to be on our way to goring by now, where j, d & sj will begin thier walk tomorrow, but saj's bag was lost by the airline and we have to wait for it to be delivered here before we can move on. we are hoping that happens this afternoon. cross your fingers for us!

in the mean time it is very lovely to be here. our hosts have the most beautiful home, and it is very english... look )

yesterday, since we arrived at around 7am we decided that it would be bad for our jet-lag to go to bed, so j & d too us on a little trip to hampstead heath, and i think you'll agree that it is prettier than anything... )

after all that we stopped at a tea house for, surprisingly enough, some tea, and went to see keats' house (yes, the actual keats - i fucking love this country) which was closed, but still there to be gawked at from the outside.

i was convinced i was finwe and that jet lag wasn't going to hit me, but then i curled up on the couch and was pretty much instantly unconscious.


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