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greet the brand new day.

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Birthdate:Nov 15
Website:penelope waits

essie ruth: 15th november. scorpio with an aries rising. chinese year of the dog. playful, silly and dorky. i love my friends and family, and will do anything for them. i can be loud, silly and chatty, but i'm an introvert at heart, who needs time alone with my thoughts in order to feel sane. i am inquisitive and interested, and love to learn - whether it's a new skill, or your personal secrets, i'm always curious. it takes a lot to make me genuinely mad, but if somebody hurts someone i love, or if i'm bullied, i have one word for you: run.

film & tv: the darjeeling limited, to catch a thief, bringing up baby, funny face, an affair to remember, gosford park, any and all austen adaptations, much ado about nothing. dr who, life on mars, jam & jerusalem, gilmore girls, the west wing, as time goes by, to the manor born, merlin, robin hood, the good life, bleak house, north and south.

books & music: anne of green gables, little women, anything by jane austen, anything by shakespeare, anything by gabriel garcia marquez, the dalemark quartet, the mists of avalon, the narnia chronicles, the harry potter series. luka bloom, kate rusby, rachel unthank & the winterset, the beatles, mia dyson, leonard cohen, eric bibb, sinéad o'connor, xavier rudd, lorenna mckennitt, josé gonzález, indigo girls, kimya dawson, van morrison, sufjan stevens, frida hyvönen, fleet foxes, rufus wainwright, joni mitchell, the audreys, cécile corbel, dean martin, frank sinatra

geekery: i have a degree in english and philosophy, and i'm very interested in ethics. to me it's the most practical and engaging branch of philosophy. i'm currently studying psychology as a postgraduate, and i have, like a crazed zombie, become completely obsessed with brains. i'm yet to specialise within this discipline, but i'm really interested in neuropsychology and psycholinguistics and i'm hoping i'll be able to find interesting and creative ways to combine the two. i'm also a quilty, crafty nerd. i love to sew, and my favourite thing to do is make quilts. i blog about that sort of thing elsewhere (, but for a snapshot you can look here.

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