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hello from the united arab emirates!

i wish we had time to go and see more of this place. they've made the airport so beautiful that i can only imagine how wonderful the rest of it must be.
when you walk into the central hub, this is what you see:

everything is domed and tiled. it's more than utilitarian. it's just lovely.
muslims are celebrating the holy month of ramadan, so everything is decorated with lamps, moons and stars. it's so pretty. also, i'm glad we've flown in at night because it means we can eat if we want to. the whole nation is fasting during daylight hours and it is forbidden to eat in public places.
in the airport everything is in english as well as arabic, and all the staff speak english so we have had no trouble communicating with people. announcements on the plane were in english and arabic too. arabic sounds so lyrical, and the script is so elegant. i think i'd like to come back here one day and actually go and spend time finding out about this place and its people.

i had an asthma attack on the plane, but they had ventolin so it was fine. i got to go up to the front of the plane and sit in the first class lounge while they found me a puffer in the first aid kit.
apart from that, the flight was reasonably uneventful. i did some sewing, watched 'made of honour' (one of the worst movies i've ever seen), an episode of red dwarf, read a bit and, most importantly, slept. i have no idea how long i slept for, but it was definitely more than half the 14 hour journey.
saj didn't sleep as much as i did, but she watched more movies. i think she's pretty tired now. poor duck.

we board our flight to london pretty soon, so i'm off for now!


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